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Jul. 6th, 2011

thank y0u very much azula and equius
thats very sweet

[RL with Eridan]

Aradia hadn't been to too many worlds, and she wasn't sure Eridan would like the one she chose, but it was the one she was most familiar with, so it was where she took them.

The worldhopper she contacted picked them both up and deposited them at the foodcourt on the orbital elevator in the world where she had met the Tenth Doctor.

She was already waiting there, sitting at a table, when Eridan was delivered. The place bustled with humans, who gave them odd looks before moving on, but she ignored them. Nearby, the curve of the Earth, far below, was visible, along with a sparkle of stars as seen from orbit.

She rose from her chair, wary but trying not to show it. This was the first time that she and Eridan had ever been alone together, that she could recall. And she was wary of highbloods in general. It wasn't that she thought Eridan might hurt her, but she knew he could be both callous and volatile, and that he was emotional right now.

But the last thing he needed was another person who didn't believe in him, so she stepped towards him and held out a hand. "I hope this place is okay. It's the only one I really know that isn't Azula's hotel room, or a secret base."
[Okay! This log placeholder is for everyone on the Lagrange ASTEROID BASE THING OMG where the majority of the g00 cast live. This includes those in the g00 cast (and adoptees like Ten) who regularly live there, obviously, as well as those who are now there because of bodyswapping incidents.

I'm thinking the best thing to do is to just start threads in different locations and go. Not everyone will be in the same location on the base, so we can keep the chaos down a little that way and avoid scenes with 293849239 people in them at a time. But feel free to have people stumble upon each other and meet up.]

[RL with Azula]

Aradia sat down on the sofa and beamed at Azula, rummaging in her sylladex with one hand as she searched with her ouija fetch modus for her DVD. She was pretty sure she'd saved some of her collection, though much of it had been destroyed.

"It's nice to get a break from the game once in a while. Thanks for inviting me over, Azula."

[RL with Ginny]

The feeling came upon her suddenly. One minute she was floating from bubble to bubble in the Furthest Ring, checking on her friends and pondering what to do next. The next moment she felt a mighty yank and careened into a nearby bubble.

There, lying on the ground in a bubble that looked like the Land of Quartz and Melody, was a redhaired human girl.

"Oh dear," Aradia said softly, noting the slender cord that bound her wrist to the girl. "I don't think that's supposed to happen."

She knelt down and touched the girl's shoulder. "Wake up, please..."

[On Trollian to Sollux]

apocalypseArisen [AA] began trolling twinArmageddons [AT]

AA: s0llux
AA: i need t0 talk t0 y0u

[IC Inbox]

You've reached Aradia Megido's personal handheld communication pod, but I'm busy right now. Please leave a message and I'll get back to you later!

[OOC: Aradia's personal handheld communication pod iPhone has text, email, video, voice, and instant messaging abilities and it will work from Alternia to the Furthest Ring. When she's dead she won't reply by video.

Expect to accidentally contact her in the wrong timeline from time to time.]

[RL with Sollux] [Backdated obviously]

Aradia couldn't remember ever being so happy in her entire life. She pushed away from her laptop and danced around the room, giggling, then dropped to her knees and hugged her confused lusus tight.

"He said yes! He really did!" She let her guardian go, and the lusus nudged her fondly before curling up again to doze, and she sat back on the floor, hugging her knees to her chest. "And he's coming over," she murmured, a little nervous flutter just behind her chest bone.

A moment later, she bounded to her feet and rushed to a mirror. Normally she didn't worry too much about her appearance - that was definitely Kanaya's area - but she changed into a clean dress and brushed her hair, then settled herself as best she could on the front step of her hive to wait, smoothing her skirt and looking eagerly up into the sky.